Rico Rico Chicken LLC fills a much-needed niche for the people of Hawaii—authentic Peruvian cuisine. We started the company in 2011 to accomplish a dream of ours. The smiles on our customers’ faces after they try our chicken are priceless. We owe everything to our customers and we’re happy to satisfy each of your unique requests. Our Honolulu, Hawaii-based Chicken restaurant is your source for authentic Peruvian cuisine. With us, you’ll always know that we truly care about you and the service we provide to you.

We pride ourselves on being able to satisfy the most demanding of the Hawaiian Islands’ palate, which is the Peruvians living here in Hawaii. Our food is authentic and delicious; we are proud to prepare and cook Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken, among other Peruvian specialties. We want to show you how amazing Peru’s cuisine is. Stop by today!

The best chicken in town, second to none!